Friday, May 23, 2008

wild wild west

How is everybody doing? I hope everybody is doing good. On my side, the weather's been rather erratic. It's gotten up to the lower 90's over on my side and then dramatically dropping. I'm a fan of cold weather, but having roller coaster weather changes is no fun. Anyways, besides the weather I'm modeling away on my environment. Here is the 'west' side building of my project. Aside from the creative and technical struggles, I had a blast creating this section of my environment. I'm not a nurbs pro, but using them made me see the appeal of why people use nurbs on their models. (Such smooth surfaces! ~ ) And yes, I had to change to the default material since the light blue that I was using was too hard to see around my model. Oh, it's still polygon mode too. I can't dare convert to SubD's for the sake of my computer going crazy... at least, not yet anyway. Alright, well I wish everybody a great Memorial Day weekend! Have a good one!


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