Monday, August 11, 2008

ambient occlusion

Hello world! It's been a bit busy on my end. And I've been doing passes on my environment project. So here's an ambient occlusion pass of the set. I've been learning more about using some scripts that will help my pipeline process of this project work faster, along with nCloth. I wish there was more time to look around other venues in Maya, but so far my main focus is getting everything modeled at its best. There's so much work to be done just by looking at this image! But I'm really excited about working on it, and so far it's been a blast! :D

Aside from my environment project, I've been modeling another vehicle. I love doing environments, but I also have a great time modeling vehicles too. I'll probably post some images once it's in a good stage :) Hope everyone's doing great, and enjoy the last weeks of summer!!


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Hi Asako!


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