Sunday, July 05, 2009


Holy smokes! It's been almost close to a year since I've posted anything!! Geez. Anyways, I was having a conversation via chat with my friend Orange, and decided to do some impulsive drawing/sketching. However, my wacom tablet is still in the bay area and I felt like doing some digital artwork. With all that said I decided to paint (not the brightest idea) using my optical mouse (dun, dun, duuuun!). Yup, it wasn't so bad... but it wasn't so great either. It's DO-able, but to avoid carpel tunnel or tendonitis I do not recommend it one bit! OK, each drawing probably consisted of 15 min. or more, but I had fun. And maybe that's all that matters: having fun and enjoying the process :) Well I should get back to 3D-land soon. As much as I love 3D, I still have to admit how much of a pleasure it is to draw digitally or better, traditionally. (^_^)


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