Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ambient occlusion pass

I am currently working on a very exciting personal environment project right now. I'm always excited when I create new models, but I'm really excited and feel really strong about this project. I love architecture in general, as well as drawing environments as well (I'm sure the people from my art school would know). This environment will be a courtyard that has numerous medieval looking building structures, both consisting of hard surface and organic shapes. As for the images above, I apologize for the bad aliasing on the occlusion passes. It's my first time making the images in Maya (using mental ray! very awesome tool) It's been really exciting, and challenging but I'm really looking forward to modeling the rest of the buildings. For those who are wondering, I'm using subdivisions. I'll be sure to post more images once my models are ready! Stay tuned :) I hope everyone's doing good!!!